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Australian ‘world premiere’ of Manfrotto filter range

The Digital Show in Melbourne was able to boast one bona fide global first, with Manfrotto showing its new range of lens filters on the exhibition stand of longstanding local distributor, Adeal Pty Ltd.

Adeal’s chief operating officer, David Burlew, launches the Manfrotto lens filter range at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Friday, September 13.

Manfrotto enters the market at the premium end, with a 3-tiered good (‘Outdoor’); better (‘Advanced’); and best (‘Professional’) offering. The Manfrotto filter range is manufactured in Japan to strict quality standards and complements Manfrotto’s extensive range of tripods, heads, bags, lighting and other photographic accessories.

‘Filters are an essential element for taking better photos. They also protect valuable lenses from damage caused by accidental scratches, water, and dust,’ said  Renzo Rizzo, chief marketing officer of the Vitec Group Imaging Division. (Vitec is Manfrotto’s parent company.)

The entire range of Manfrotto filters feature ultra-thin frames and up to 12 layers of coating facilitating high levels of light transmission. Other key features include black-rimmed glass, water repellence, scratch/oil resistance and anti-static coatings. Each filter comes with a plastic protective case and a 3-year warranty.

The ultra-thin frames minimise vignetting when multiple filters are stacked together (eg, a circular-polarising filter added on top of a protective filter).

Manfrotto filters will be available in up to 13 sizes – from 37mm to 82mm. The three ranges are:
PROFESSIONAL – The ultra-thin Professional filter range’s multi-coated glass is anti-static, water repellent, scratch/oil resistant and anti-reflective. The filters also feature black-rimmed glass and multiple light-blocking ridges that minimise light refraction.
There are two types:
– Protector filters’ ultra clear and 12 layered multi-coated glass allows for a high light transmission rate of 99.3 percent. Designed to provide ultimate protection for camera lenses from accidental scratches and impact.
– Circular-polarising (Circ-Pol) filters with a high light-transmission polariser of 90 percent and 12 layers of coating help colour rendition and shadow intensity by enhancing contrast levels.
ADVANCED – The ultra-thin Advanced range’s multi-coated glass is water repellent, scratch/oil resistant and anti-reflective. The filters also feature black-rimmed glass to minimise light refraction.
Available in two types:
– UV filters minimise excessive haziness caused by UV light. With light transmission levels of 98.8 percent and a 12-layer anti-reflection coating, these filters also function as a durable lens protector.
– Circular-polarising (Circ-Pol) filters with 12 layers of coating provide superior colour and contrast enhancement for superb image rendition.
OUTDOOR – The super-thin Outdoor multi-coated glass filters are water repellent and anti-reflective coatings (on UV filters only).
They are available in two types:
– UV filters minimise excessive haziness caused by ultraviolet (UV) light. With high light transmission levels of 99.0 percent and a 8-layer anti-reflection coating, these filters also function as lens protectors.
– Circular-polarising (Circ-Pol) filters with two layers of coating provide superior colour and contrast enhancement.

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