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The Top 10 accessories

For enthusiasts, the lens is the thing, according to the latest ‘Rise of the Amateur’ report from PMA, based on a large international survey of DP Review readers.

Late November the leading photo enthusiast website invited its readership to take the survey, with responses from 12,500 collected from US-based and non-US-based photo enthusiasts, including Australians and New Zealanders. (Three-quarters of the respondents defined themselves as having proficient or advanced photographic skills, and the survey group was overwhelmingly male.)

The study reveals what advanced amateur photographers are looking for in cameras, accessories, photo services, social networks, TV photo viewing and photo printing.

When asked to nominate which photo products they intended to purchase this year, lenses took the top three accessory categories, with 22 percent of those surveyed – one in five – intending to purchase a prime lens and

The top 10 accessories were:
CATEGORY               Intend to buy (Already own)
1. Prime Lens:           22.1 percent (66.5 percent already own)
2. Zoom lens:            18.4 (76 percent already own)
3. Macro Lens:          15.2 (39.7 percent)
4. Flash:                     14.3 (60.0 percent)
5. Bag, case
or backpack:              13.8 (59 percent)
6. Tripod:                   10.9 (78 percent)
7. Lens Filter:            10.9 (65.5 percent)
8. Imaging software: 10.1 (64.3 percent)
9. Studio equipment:  9.5 (21.4 percent)
10.Remote shutter:     8.4 (47 percent)

The survey question also factored in ‘hero’ products such as DSLRs, computer equipment and HD televisions. Tablets (including iPads) were the product most of the survey group aspired to (32.5 percent, with an existing ownership level under 20 percent) followed closely by a new DSLR  (16.3 percent, with ownership levels of 74.6 percent).

Other findings:

• 80 percent of respondents took pictures weekly or more often. Eighteen percent of enthusiasts in the United States took pictures every day;
• On average, prosumers saved more than 5700 images in the past 12 months;
• About 8 percent of respondents said their mobile phone replaced the use of a compact camera, and more than 18 percent said their mobile phone partially replaced use of a compact camera. This tendency was strongest in the United States;
• Median spending on cameras, accessories, storage equipment, and photo software in the past 12 months was between US$501 and US$1,000. Average spending in 2011 was US$1565, which was about 11 percent less than that 2010;
• More than 80 percent of respondents made 8×10-inch or larger prints. On average, 28 prints were made on home printers;
• Almost all respondents purchased photo cards. Twenty percent purchased more than 100 cards. The overall average was 48 cards, and 54 cards in the United States;
• Almost all respondents purchased photo books in the past 12 months. An average of three books were purchased.

The ‘Rise of the Amateur’ 2011 edition is available now to PMA members for US$299. Non-members can purchase the report for US$499. It is available through the PMA Store.








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