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Tether Tools ties up with Kayell

Tether Tools, US designer and manufacturer of tethered photography equipment, workstations and custom accessories, has announced the appointment of of Kayell Australia as exclusive distributor for Australia.

Tethered photography s the process of connecting a camera, wired or wirelessly, to a computer, tablet or monitor during a photo shoot. Images, as they are taken, are transferred to the computer and can be viewed immediately on a larger screen.

‘The rise in use of tethered photography among photographers worldwide, has generated demand for quality tethering support equipment and versatile photography workstations,’ said Tether Tools president Josh Simons. ‘We are happy to be able to supply our customer base with in-store and online access to our product line throughout Australia.’

‘Since seeing Joe McNally use their equipment recently in Australia on his tour, I’ve been a fan of their products,’ said Kayell’s Josh Harvey. ‘For some time now the photographic community has been vocal about having the ability to use high quality tethering cables and thoughtful workstation solutions.’

Complementing the Tether Tools line up will be the full range of Wallee products, which allow photographers to incorporate iPad and Galaxy tablets into a photography workflow through the use of the Tether Tools Wallee iPadConnect system, which allows you to mount your tablet anywhere in the photo or film workflow.

The Tether Tools core product line features the Tether Table Aero, a unique platform workstation designed for photographers who shoot tethered and/or need a stable work surface, either in the studio or on location. Made entirely of lightweight precision-crafted T6 aerospace aluminium, the table features the patented LAJO-4 ProBracket engineered to mount easily to photographers existing support equipment including any light stand or tripod.

Kayell Australia will supply the Tether Tools’ complete line of complementary tethering accessories including TetherPro USB, FireWire and HDMI cables and extensions, JerkStopper cable retention devices and other complementary accessories for the Aero System.

Dealers interested in carrying Tether Tools products can contact Josh Harvey at or 02 8423 7700.

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