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Lifepics connects to pro editing software

October 21, 2010: LifePics distributor Photo Direct has announced the release of its Adobe Lightroom plug-in, which enables Lightroom users to order prints of their Lightroom photos through local photofinishers in the LifePics retail network.

‘The Lightroom plug-in LifePics just released is exciting for us because our customer base includes many people who use Lightroom but never had a way to easily print their Lightroom photos through our lab,’ said Jason Mills, Lab Manager at ASAP Photo, a Lifepics retail partner.

‘This is a great example of how the LifePics OPEN program creates new ordering streams for our business. We now have a new way of receiving orders of thousands of images that otherwise would just sit in Lightroom on people’s computers. Converting the digital image into a printed product is essential for our business, and LifePics is giving consumers many fun and easy options to do just that through its OPEN program.’

Lightroom users who install the plug-in can order through their existing LifePics account, or create a new account within the plug-in and order to the retailer that is most convenient. Users can opt to pay online or in-store, depending on what the retailer allows. All of the chosen retailers’ prices and products automatically load during the checkout process. The plug-in works on both Macs and PCs.

‘The new Lightroom plug-in is great for our LifePics retailers, because Lightroom users tend to be professional photographers and photo enthusiasts who use Lightroom to perform post-production work on their images and want to order high quality prints.

‘The easier LifePics can make it for professionals and enthusiasts to order, the more orders will flow to our retailers across Australia and New Zealand.’

Meers added that Lifepics will be announcing several more apps and integrations in the coming months as they continue to work toward the goal of enabling consumers to order prints through the LifePics network from anywhere digital photos are stored and shared.

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