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Free Wacom tablet with ColoEdge monitors

October 11, 2010: Eiizo Oceania is offfering a Wacom Intuos4 Medium graphics tablet with a soft-case carry bag, pen and pen stand with every purchase of ColorEdge monitors through to November.

The 6 x 9-inch tablet and accessories, valued at $528, will accompany purchase of a ColorEdge CG223W, ColorEdge CG243W or ColorEdge CG245W widescreen monitor.

According to Eizo Oceania’s managing director, Matthew Bauer, this special offer brings together products from two iconic Japanese companies renowned for high product quality and technical innovation.

‘This is an excellent opportunity for anyone involved in imaging or graphics to obtain first class products to enhance their digital workflow. Eizo monitors provide the perfect display platform, while Wacom graphics tablets simplify and speed up on-screen editing processes.’

Designed to provide the ultimate in colour consistency and reliability, these three ColorEdge displays share the following features that Eizo says sets them ahead of competing products:

– 16-bit colour processing to provide a wide colour and tonal palette for accurate colour matching plus a 3D look-up table that matches preview colour to the image output colours, ensuring the image sent from the computer looks the same as the printed or displayed image.
– Factory-set gamma ensures images are displayed without banding and with smooth tonal gradients and greater detail than seen on competing LCD displays.
– Flexibility when working with computer graphics cards, including the ability to display 10-bit simultaneous colour (roughly one billion individual hues and tones), enabling users of Adobe’s CS4 and CS5 software applications to make full use of their potential to run in 10-bit mode. (Eizo Australia can provide a list of compatible video cards, on request.)
– Direct hardware calibration sets the monitor to its optimum state, instead of relying on profiles to manage the signal from the computer’s video card. This provides the quickest, easiest and most accurate calibration and, consequently, the most accurate ICC profile.
– Digital Uniformity Equalization (DUE) technology, which guarantees edge-to-edge uniformity in brightness and chroma across the screen. This ensures graphics professionals can reliably evaluate their work on any part of the screen, not just in the middle.
– A five-year warranty on every display. In the unlikely event of a problem with a ColorEdge display, a replacement will be provided on the spot.

The offer applies while stocks last and is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

The ColorEdge CG223W (RRP: $2400), ColorEdge CG243W (RRP: $3980), and ColorEdge CG245W (RRP: $4670) are available now through Eizo dealers Australia-wide.

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