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Posts published in “Opinion”

Tasty morsels at BIFB, but no photo feast

The eighth Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB) has served up an intriguing assortment of exhibitions for its Core Program, which attempts to 'renegotiate photography' by ambitiously incorporating other artistic mediums into the event. Many attendees visit with a thirst for printed photos, a quench that's difficult to satisfy these days. This year photography appears alongside sculptures and installations, video art, non-photographic prints, and a few other bibs and bobs.

Photo agents – who needs ’em?

In September 2016 my photography agents, Vaughn-Hannigan, abruptly closed their doors after 10 years in business. Since then I have been without an agent, representing myself, and I thought I would look back and ask the question which has been lingering with me through this time: to agent or not to agent?

Quilty until proven innocent?

Before media organisations and professional associations publicly cut ties with Gold Walkley Award-winning Australian photojournalist Andrew Quilty due to allegations of 'inappropriate behaviour', there should have been an investigation to verify and flesh out the details.

Was more diligence due from AIPP?

The dramatic announcement last week from the AIPP that multi-APPA-winning photographer Lisa Saad was to have all those awards taken from her and given to photographers who haven’t broken the competition rules included an assertion which grated with many people...