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MGA rebrands to Museum of Australian Photography

Melbourne’s Monash Gallery of Art (MGA) will rebrand into the Museum of Australian Photography (MAPh), solidifying its commitment to purely collect and showcase photography.

The MGA explains that it ‘established its name at a time when the gallery collected and exhibited all types of visual art, including but not limited to paintings, sculpture, and photography.’

Although no other institution had dedicated its ‘knowledge and expertise exclusively to the collection of Australian photography, and therefore, the resolve was made to solely concentrate on this art form.’

‘This untapped opportunity led to MAPh establishing itself as Australia’s leading museum exclusively dedicated to the collection, conservation, promotion and exhibition of photography and still remains the only public institution in the world solely dedicated to collecting Australian photographs.’

Here is the remainder of the press release:
MAPh’s unique focus makes us one of the most culturally significant photography institutions in the country and is an integral part of the City of Monash’s vision of a city that celebrates and advocates for the arts and creative industries.

Our rebrand is about so much more than just a new name and logo. Not only does our new name ‘MAPh’ perfectly articulate exactly what we do, but it will also help us to take this institution to the next level with a fresh look, new strategies and more innovative ways to help connect our communities, empower Australian artists and bring more value to the arts sector as a whole.

Becoming MAPh aims to increase our reach, profile and engagement with local, national and international audiences as we cultivate a community that is actively engaged with Australian photography and its stories, whilst celebrating its artists.

Driven by creativity, innovation and passion, MAPh and its team of professionals are committed to continuing their mission to be a source of inspiration and enrichment for our diverse community for many generations to come.

Anouska Phizacklea, MGA/MAPh Gallery Director states:

‘Our transformation of MGA to MAPh is an incredibly significant moment in our history. It is one that celebrates the legacy of all those who have made our gallery into what it is today.

Our origins can be traced back to the late 1970s when the City of Waverley had the vision to found a public gallery for its community. Then in the early 1980s, we took the bold step of focusing on collecting Australian photography, becoming the only public gallery to do so in the world. Since then, MGA has established itself as the Australian home of photography and is now home to over 3,700 photographs in the collection and over that time more than 300 staff, committee members, trustees and volunteers have collectively contributed to making it into the institution it is today.

Our new name and branding articulates what we do and reflects the value that MAPh brings to both the community and the arts sector, and one that reaches local, national and international audiences as we cultivate a community that is actively engaged with Australian photography.

Our new look will be reflected across all our digital and print media, and we are delighted that our new website will also launch, becoming a place to come and explore our incredible
collection, exhibitions and education and public programs – embedding the digital with the physical with thought-provoking experiences that inspire, delight and engage the mind, body and soul.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and look forward to sharing MAPh with our incredible community.’

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