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Fun at The HOP

Fujifilm issued a humdinger of a press release today, announcing that it has conducted the first workshop at the Fujifilm House of Photography (HOP) in Sydney, and there were more to come.

This required no less than  5 pages and 1250 words, which left us here at Inside Imaging with a conundrum: it was way too long and, well, life-sapping to run word-for-word, and way too inconsequential to waste much time distilling down for readers into something more digestible. Yet we pride ourselves on covering marketing initiatives in photo retailing.


We decided the best thing to do was a brief preamble, sufficient in space to be able to drop in a pic, and then provide a link for those sufficiently interested in the subject matter to read it. Yes, that should just about do…

FUJIFILM House of Photography Workshops and Masterclasses F





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