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Exhibitions: Andy Warhol, Rennie Ellis, Steve McCurry

An exhibition of Andy Warhol‘s photos is on show in Adelaide, while a Steve McCurry retrospective will hit Sydney in April, and iconic Rennie Ellis pictures are featuring in an expansive Australiana exhibition in Bendigo.

Oliviero Toscani, Italy, born 1942, Andy Warhol, 1975, New York, pigment print, 32.0 x 46.0 cm (image), 40.0 x 50.0 cm (sheet); Public Engagement Fund 2021, Art Gallery of South Australia, © Oliviero Toscani.

Andy Warhol & Photography: A Social Media

Andy Warhol & Photography: A Social Media is a ticketed exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia showing until May 14, 2023.

The exhibition ‘reveals an unseen side of celebrated Pop artist Andy Warhol through his career-long obsession with photography’.

‘Whether he was behind or in front of the camera, photography formed an essential part of his artistic practice while also capturing an insider’s view of his celebrity social world.

Along with a handful of famous Pop Art screen prints of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, the exhibition is heavy on photography and also features images by Robert Mapplethorpe, Christopher Makos, Gerard Malanga, David McCabe, and Duane Michals.

From the AGSA website:

‘Decades before social media, Warhol’s photography was candid, collaborative and social, attuned to the power of the image to shape his public persona and self-identity. Many of his photographs from the 1970s and 1980s offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into his own life and the lives of friends and celebrities such as Muhammad Ali, Bob Dylan, Debbie Harry, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Liza Minnelli, Lou Reed and Elizabeth Taylor. This exhibition asks the question, was Warhol the original influencer?’

Tickets are $25 for adults.

Andy Warhol and Photography: A Social Media showing at AGSA until May 14 2023 as part of Adelaide Festival. More info here.

Steve McCurry ICONS

ICONS, a retrospective of 100 large-format images by the great American visual storyteller, is another ticketed event showing at Sydney’s Walsh Bay Arts Precinct from April 12 until August 13.

Here’s an except of the exhibition promotion:

‘Immerse yourself in the world of this famous and audacious photographer in an unprecedented photography exhibition! With more than 100 large-format photographs, ICONS is one of the most complete retrospectives of the career of Steve McCurry, one of the main international figures in the world of photography over the last 30 years. And if, on the one hand, his work encompasses conflicts, endangered cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture, on the other hand, he always maintains the human element that made his famous photograph of the Afghan girl such a powerful image.

Steve McCurry ICONS is showing at Walsh Bay Arts Precinct in Sydney from April 17. Tickets are $29 for adults. Available here.

Australiana: Designing a Nation

The exhibition is showing at the Bendigo Art Gallery in regional Victoria from March 18 until June 25. Featuring works by over 200 artists, with the legendary late Rennie Ellis having a large portion dedicated to his work, the exhibition aims to survey Australian iconography through art and design.

From the promo material:

Australiana: Designing a Nation surveys the iconography of Australiana in art and design through key chapters in our history through to the present day, identifying a distinct tradition that has reflected—and changed with—popular notions of Australian identity and style. Encompassing the rich expressions of culture and connection to Country of First Nations artists and designers, to explorations of national and personal identity by others, Australiana illuminates a local vernacular. Through the use of native materials and motifs, playful remixes of popular culture, and incisive reflections on nationalistic sentiment, the visual language of Australiana celebrates—and interrogates—who we are.

Works from the Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive will showcase over three decades of Australian life, celebrity and culture from the ’60s onwards.

Entry is free.

Australiana: Designing a Nation is shwoing at the Bendigo Art Gallery from March 18 – June 25. Entry is free. More info here.

One Comment

  1. Michelle Michelle May 21, 2023

    Is it voyeuristic, statement or beauty?

    It is all 3 and it packs a punch
    It does seem rather heartless; all the images are taken in developing countries and it seems to me that he needs empathy training

    A small boy, filthy and dressed in rags holds a toy gun to his head as he weeps and tears are evident

    There are joyous ones too, like the young boys training to be monks and running up the walk for fun

    There is beauty in the photo of flame trees in Africa with 2 boys riding beat up bikes nearby

    There are many photos showing the pain and difficulty in their lives with craggy broken faces of despair

    There is vibrancy, contrast and balance and at first glance beautiful but on the second deep deep poverty and heartbreak

    There is a complicated charging rate that seems to vary minute to minute

    When this was questioned and asked for the reasons I was not told

    2 young Asian women laughed at me when I told them I had ADHD which was cruel

    Everyone there also needs empathy training

    Do not go if you don’t want to feel sadness

    After all, the subjects are people not objects

    I wonder if SMcC ever offered assistance to his subjects who were really the ones who generated and needed the money

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