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Welcome to the House of Fuji Fun

Fujifilm Australia is set to open the nation’s first Fujifilm House of Photography on July 7.

‘The experience centre will be an interactive hub aimed to inspire and encourage consumers to immerse themselves in the world of photography and experience all Fujifilm has to offer, from photo taking to photo making,’ the press release explained.

Located at 2 Park Street, near Sydney Town Hall, the Fujifilm House of Photography offers consumers hands-on experience with the brand’s portfolio of consumer products, access to an in-store studio, photo printing services and personalised consultations with Fujifilm ‘X-Perts’. (Geddit?) . The experience centre also features an interactive lens selector, an in-store gallery and a program of workshops and events.

‘The Fujifilm House of Photography was launched to elevate a photographer’s experience with the Fujifilm brand, acting as a hub for them to explore, touch, trial and learn more about Fuji’s portfolio of products and services through interactive play tables and spending quality time with a Fujifilm X-Pert, making it a must-visit for all photography enthusiasts,’ said Tyler Yanase, CEO of Fujifilm Australia.

The House of Photography features Fujifilm X Series cameras, Fujinon lenses and the Instax range. ‘Play Tables’ will feature art pieces designed to provide consumers with a subject to photograph with cameras and lens combinations. There is also an interactive lens selector.

Instax consumers will be able to try out different cameras, capturing selfies in the store to take away with them. They will also have the opportunity to print instant photos directly from their smartphones using a range of Instax printers.

‘The Boutique, powered by GFX’, offers experienced photographers a one-on-one personalised consultation with a Fujifilm team member, giving them hands-on experience and the opportunity to ‘talk all things related to Fujifilm’s Large Format GFX System cameras and GF lenses.’

Customers can put the Fujifilm X Series and GFX System products to the test in a studio featuring lights on boom stands for optimal lighting, product display stands and a tripod.

There is also a printing section, featuring two photo printing kiosks with same-day printing and an extensive range of personalised products to order for delivery to home.

A gallery will showcasing ‘content’ (aka ‘photographs’) taken on X Series and GFX cameras by ‘Fujifilm X-Photographers’.

Fujifilm will also showcase its Fujinon binoculars range.


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