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The Sigma lens giveaway winner is…

We’re thrilled to announce that Adelaide photographer, Peter Barnes, is taking home a brand new Sigma lens, after donating during the inaugural Friends of Inside Imaging giveaway

.Peter picked a Sigma 105mm f/2.8 DG DN Macro Art Lens. Not a bad choice!

As a long-time reader of Inside Imaging I was pleased to respond to their call for financial support – it provides industry news and insights I don’t get anywhere else,’ Peter said. ‘Even more pleased to have won this prize!
Inside Imaging asked readers to support the publication and help keep us running. To help us launch this new and ongoing revenue raising initiative, Sigma’s Australian distributor and our long-time friends at CR Kennedy provided a lens to give away. A massive thanks to the team at CR Kennedy for being so generous – we’re proud and appreciative to be backed by this industry-leading, Australian family-owned photographic company.

This is how we arrived at a winner: Every $10 was worth one entry, so supporters who made larger contributions had more entries. We numbered the entrants and used a random number generator to produce a winner.

This was a bit of a trial for us, and we’re delighted readers responded so positively. We cannot express enough thanks to those who, like Peter, responded to our call for support. We believe Inside Imaging offers a valuable service to the photo industry, and this was certainly validated.

We will run another subscription promotion later in the year, with more great prizes on offer via our business partners.

More on that later.

So once again, thanks to CR Kennedy and all the generous Friends of Inside Imaging.

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