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Cruises capture Vivid from the Harbour

While the finance pages will tell you that the economy is bad and retailing is a basket case, the memo doesn’t seem to have reached photographic specialists, with Camera House posting an outstanding 2021 financial result, and digiDirect along with leading camera makers hosting a series of harbour cruises to coincide with the Vivid Festival in Sydney in June.

digiDirect and Nikon co-hosted a winter Harbour cruise during the Vivid Festival. (Pic: John Swainston)
Vivid is all about light and colour and offers countless photo-taking opportunities – especially from the unique vantage points offered by Sydney Harbour.
digiDirect ran a series of photographic cruises on Sydney Harbour, with each cruise supported by relevant wholesalers with staff and demo products to use. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and Fujifilm, participated, with each night seeing 60 – 70 camera enthusiasts come on board The Hamptons‘, a purpose-built ultra-stable wide beam dual hull cruise ship, and enjoy the sights, the photography and the hospitality as they cruised the harbour. Tickets were $85 for the 2 1/2 hour cruise.
Crown Towers and No 1 Sydney Harbour luxury apartments captured by John Swainston on digiDirect’s Vivid cruise.

Former Nikon Australia CEO John Swainston was one of the participants, naturally enough on Nikon’s night.

‘I’ve been photographing Vivid since the early days, but always from the shore. Never previously actually on the Harbour,’ he told Inside Imaging.
‘When I saw The digiDirect/Nikon cruise advertised it seemed a perfect solution – a boat with a suitable deck for photography, fellow photographers and several long-standing industry friends. Vivid is a wonderfully colourful event, brings people into the city on foot and is a true celebration of Winter.’
He said it was a little like Sydney’s version of the Chinese City of Harbin’s winter Ice Sculpture Festival – ‘only ours is up in lights’.
‘The results from my Nikon Z7 – purchased at DigiDirect’s Bondi store 3 years ago – did not disappoint.’

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