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Sony unveils three prime lenses

Sony has announced three e-mount prime lenses –  the FE 50mm F2.5 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 24mm F2.8 G – will be available from early May with an RRP of $999 each.

The focal lengths are, according to Sony, a ‘perfect set’ for capturing everything from wide-angle landscapes at 24mm, movie shooting at 40mm, and portraits at 50mm.

The three lenses share many’a thing in common, including being the same size at 68mm x 45mm and having a filter diameter of 49mm. They are almost the same weight – the 50mm is just the heaviest at 174 grams, while the 40mm is 173 grams, and 24mm 162 grams.

Each lens using aspherical elements and ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements, to deliver high res with supressed colour fringing.

‘The aspherical elements ensure high resolution performance in every corner of the image, even from the widest aperture with shallow depth of field.’

The autofocus ain’t sluggish. The opposite, in fact, according to Sony, thanks to two linear motors that delivers ‘excellent tracking performance’ maintained despite instant changes in subject motion. It’s also quiet, making it ideal for movie shooting.

The lenses achieve ‘stunning bokeh’. But how, you ask? Simple – by having a circular aperture.

Despite the compact size, Sony has squeezed in plenty of bits and pieces on the exterior build. Each lens has a focus hold button, a focus mode switch, an aperture ring, and an aperture click switch.

Focusing distances:
50mm: Minimum focus 0.35m AF / 0.31m MF; maximum magnification 0.18x AF / 0.21x MF.
40mm: Minimum focus 0.28m AF / 0.25 MF; maximum magnification 0.20x AF / 0.23 MF.
24mm: Minimum focus 0.24m AF / 0.18m MF; maximum magnifixation 0.13x AF / 0.19 MF.

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