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Emotions now a four-letter word…Canon sees rosy (near) future…David Santer to Imaging Solutions

Emotions now a four-letter word

Emotions Wedding Photography is now trading as ‘Emot’ and has launched the new brand with a new website. (Pronunciation? Yeah dunno.)

‘The new website will enable our customers to have a seamless experience in booking their weddings, without the cumbersome processes still used by our competitors,’ explained Emot CEO Michael Warshall. ‘Our software checks photographer availability, allowing the client to book instantly online. A contract is automatically generated and sent to the couple, and one is sent to the photographer. A communication portal is also sent to each, so that any changes and communication can be easily updated with all information automatically added to our CRM. All this automation allows us to provide the best and fastest service at a very competitive price.’

Michael indicated that the initial intention to secure institutional investors and then take on the US market have been scaled back as ‘they were not totally aligned with our core values’.

‘We now have a very experienced investor portfolio group consisting of a number of very prominent professional photographers, a prominent law firm, accounting firm, construction company and a very experienced photographic industry figurehead. This gives us access to lots of experience and advice on how to grow and scale Emotion (Emot) globally.’

Michael sees the wedding photography business taking off again as the vaccination program rolls out: ‘We believe once the majority of the Australian population is vaccinated and confidence resumes the bookings will increase exponentially.

‘We have commenced onboarding new additional photographers and videographers…So far we have interviewed over 800 applicants and only 100 were successful, in joining our team.’

Canon sees rosy near future for cameras, lenses and printers

Canon has made a further upgrade to its forecasts for the rest of 2021, with inkjet printers and cameras mentioned as the heroes. The 2.9 percent increase in sales will, according to Canon forecasts, deliver an impressive 43 percent increase in operating profit. In part, Canon attributes the upward revision to ‘more people being vaccinated’.

Prospective photo gear purchasers should take note of Canon’s anticipation of inflation caused by a shortage of goods’, impacting its markets favourably. Is this a hint of pending price rises? 

Here’s how Canon delivered the good news:
In the second quarter of 2021, as was the case in the first quarter, sales of inkjet printers, which continue to be in high demand due to more people working and learning from home globally, grew strongly. Additionally, even amid restrictions on activities linked to the COVID19 pandemic, interest in and demand for cameras increased, resulting in sales remaining strong in each region, particularly for fullframe mirrorless cameras and interchangeable lenses. The
Company is also posting sales growth of other products, such as medical and semiconductor lithography equipment, thanks to favorable market conditions. Amid inflation caused by a shortage of goods, we expect the favorable market environment to continue in the second half of the year. Additionally, more people getting vaccinated is expected to bring the number of people commuting to offices back, resulting in print demand recovering in the office market.
Based on these assumptions, the Company has revised its fullyear consolidated results forecast.

David Santer to Image Solutions

Veteran Kodak Australia and then Kodak Alaris marketing executive David Santer (pictured right) has scored  a new role with Imaging Solutions as regional general manager for the Asia Pacific region, based in Singapore and covering China and India.

Imaging Solutions AG is based in Switzerland and specialises in image enhancement software and manufacture of automated production systems for on-demand photo prints, layflat books and canvas framing.

He left Kodak Alaris in March this year following the acquisition of the paper and chemicals division of Kodak Alaris by Chinese company Sino Holdings.








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