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New Nikon Z fc under $1500

The Nikon Z fc will have a body-only price of ‘around $1449’, according to Nikon, and will be available ‘sequentially from the end of July, with specific release date dependant on the retailer’.

A couple of retro-style Z fc cameras.

Hats off to Nikon Australia for delivering a competitive price to local retailers and their customers. Our back-of-the-envelope calculations indicate that this is close to the official US pricing – no ‘Australia tax’!

The 21-megapixel, APC-C format Z fc is a lightweight at just 390 grams. It has a pentaprism ‘facade’ inspired by the great 1982 FM2 SLR film camera, along with the silver and black look popular at the time.

But the ability to wrap the body in a choice of six colours (for a ‘small fee’) is distinctly 21st century. The body is clad in customisable leather-like materials that are available in black as standard, and white, sand beige, amber brown, natural grey, coral pink, and mint green.

Here’s the full local press release: Nikon Z fc

New lenses, too

The new Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens is an APS-C format standard zoom lens available in silver or black. This will be the ‘go-to’ kit lens for the Z fc, with its satin silver finish complementing the retro body.

It’s an ultra-thin lens with a  wide-to-standard zoom range from 16mm to 50mm (equivalent to 24-75mm). It serves as a good general lens for a wide variety of scenes ranging from landscapes, snaps, and portraits to tabletop photos.

The Nikkor Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) is Nikon’s first ultra-compact and lightweight full-frame mirrorless prime lens.  It will first be released as a special edition lens for the Z fc. It’s the lightest FX lens yet, and offers a standard angle of view of 42mm in APS-C format (which Nikon calls DX).

A standard edition of this lens is planned ‘within the year’, along with a 40mm f/2.0 compact prime that is currently in development.

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