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Instax phishing scam re-emerges

Instax customers are vulnerable to an international fraud scheme where Instax cameras and film are being offered at extremely low prices by scammers posing as Fujifilm.

Instax fraud
The Instax range was subject to phishing fraud in 2018 and the problem has reared its head again over the past few months. The above fake Fujifilm page is from February this year.

We have witnessed on a number of social networks phishing or phishing activity against Fujifim Australia Pty Ltd, where a website poses as Fujifilm. Some of these websites offer Instax cameras and film for a significantly reduced price. Please be aware that these are often fraudulent websites, who have no direct link with our company and who use our logos and images without our authorisation,’the Fujifilm website warns:

These fraudulent websites may take payment from you and not dispatch your order as it is likely they do not stock any Instax products. We also do not know the reliability and security of their proposed payment method. These websites may obtain sensitive information such as user names, passwords, and credit card details.

Please note that these sites are not sanctioned by Fujifilm, and that all authorised Fujifilm websites carry the appropriate Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

There are similar warnings on  other Fujifilm websites such as the UK, India and Belgium.

It appears there was an outbreak of this activity in 2018, with Fujifilm warnings commencing again late in 2020.

‘Please be advised that there may be fraudulent websites making unauthorized use of Fujifilm logos and images in an attempt to sell product and possibly obtain sensitive information such as user names, passwords, and credit card details,’ the worldwide Instax website states.

In an example Inside Imaging came across via Reddit, 10 x10 packs of Instax film was on offer for $15.99 – or about 16 cents a sheet.


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