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Portable and affordable event dye-sub from DNP

Local distributor JA Davey is celebrating the long-awaited arrival of the super-compact DNP QW410 dye-sub printer with a printer/media bundle at a discounted price of just $799 plus GST ($878.90).

The bundle consists of two rolls and the appropriate ink ribbons, allowing users to produce 300 4 x 6-inch  prints.

As well as its compact, lightweight form, the QW410 offers lower power consumption than other commercial dye-subs on the market. It features a 4.5in print head, 5.9kg weight and dimensions of 20 x 19.6 x 24cm. It’s power consumption is 28 and 35 percent lower than DNP Photo’s DS-RX1HS and DS620A models.

‘It’s ideal for event photographers, mobile photo booths and even for use at a retail instant print outlet, particularly for photo ID applications,’ said Jon McBriar, director, JA Davey.

It has a lay-flat printing function that reduces print curl, prints on both glossy and matte photo paper, and can print wirelessly from Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. It can print a 4×6-inch photo in 19 seconds. The new printer employs a proprietary 4.5-inch print head to allow consumers to now print ‘full frame’ 16:9 wide-ratio (4.5 x 6-inch) photos. This eliminates the need for cropping an image down to a traditional 3:2 ratio (4×6” print).

Resolution is 300 dpi and print sizes range from 4×6 up to 4.5×8 inches.

Event photographers away from a power source can run the QW410 from an optional battery pack. It is also iOS compatible with a wireless adapter, making it easy for professional photographers to take the printer on-the-go and print photos from anywhere.

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