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Camera House expels founding chairman

The business of the founding chairman of Camera House, Alan Small’s Taree Camera House, has been de-listed as a Camera House outlet by Raleru-Camera House management as a consequence of a financial dispute.

The startling decision to expel founder and life member Alan Small (pictured right) has seen Taree Camera House removed from the Camera House website and group listing, with Alan being compelled to change the name of the store – a Camera House outlet since 1983 – to Taree Camera Centre. He continues to own and operate the business.

Neither party has wanted to go on the record to explain what led to the apparent impasse to a dispute which has been ongoing for at last three years. The sum involved is thought to be around $20,000, and relates to shares sold to another Camera House member.

‘Both Alan and I have post-contractual obligations as to confidentiality,’ new Camera House managing director, David Burlew responded to a series of questions from Inside Imaging. ‘Making any comment to you would breach those obligations and so I will decline in making any reply to your questions.’

In correspondence seen by Inside Imaging, it’s claimed that David Burlew has not spoken to the founding chairman in relation to the dispute – or anything else, for that matter.

After 38 years, Taree Camera House is now Taree Camera Centre.

Alan said this week that it was not something that he had initiated. ‘I am as puzzled as the rest of the community,’ he said. ‘It is a relatively simple disagreement over a package of shares. I have broken no rules or trading laws and we have a close relationship to our clients, which, apart from the public include schools, local government, colleges , professionals and government departments,’ he said.

He added that some industry insiders had assumed he had sold the business, which is clearly not the case.

The brand Alan Small’s Taree Camera House has existed since 1983, when the new group started under Alan Small as founding chairman of directors, a post he held for 11 years, before assuming the mantle of deputy chairman for a further six years. Her was awarded a Life Membership of Camera House in 2002.

In the early years of the group, Alan was also the founding Chairman of of the support company Auscam Investments Ltd which has since disappeared.

It’s believed Camera House-Raleru has offered Taree Camera Centre access to Raleru warehouse stock, but its not clear under what terms and conditions the offer has been made.






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