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Nikon introduces animal AF to Z7 and Z6

Nikon has released a major firmware update for the Z7 and Z6 full-frame mirrorless cameras, which includes Animal Detection autofocus and improved subject tracking. The Z50 has also copped a minor firmware upgrade for vloggers.Nikon Z6

Firmware v3.0 for the Z6 and 7 has increased ‘usability’ for subject tracking in AF-C mode, to provide an ‘operational feel’ that is more like the 3D-tracking feature built into a DSLR.

‘The camera tracks the subject when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, or the AF-ON button is held down,’ Nikon says. ‘Subject tracking ends when the user takes their finger off the button, and the focus point selected before subject tracking began is again activated for increased operability.

‘In addition, the transition from the auto-area AF display to the subject selection display can be assigned to a custom control. All of these improve subject tracking operation and make it easier to activate and to change the target subject while looking through the viewfinder.’

This cute sample image, provided by Nikon, is for illustrative purposes only to explain functions.

The new Animal Detection AF is built for pet photographers, rather than wildlife photographers. The new AF detection only supports the face and eye of dogs and cats, and none of the the other wonderful beasts in the animal kingdom.

‘When multiple animal faces or eyes are detected, the user can use the left and right indicators to choose the face or eye on which the camera focuses. Only the faces of animals (face detection) can be detected with video recording.’

Animal detection joins the existing Face/Eye detection AF, which recognises human faces and eyes.

Lastly, firmware upgrade v3.0 also includes support for Type B CFexpress cards by ProGrade and Lexar.

Z50 firmware v1.10
Here it is, straight from Nikon:
‘Modification of control specifications for recording of self-portraits in movie mode
Previously, when self-portraits were recorded in movie mode, the focus mode was locked at AF-S mode. With the update to Ver. 1.10, the focus mode will be locked at AF-F mode. This change to specifications improves operation by allowing the camera to maintain focus on the user’s face with movie recording.’

Download the firmware updates here.

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