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Leica releases $30K S3 medium format camera

Leica Australia has begun shipping the S3, a 64-megapixel medium format mirrorless system which will be available from Leica outlets for just $29,900.

The S3 was teased in a development announcement at Photokina 2018, a decade after the S2 was announced, and was scheduled for release in Spring/Summer 2019. Despite a slight release delay, the premium medium format S-mount camera from photography’s high end manufacturer has now arrived.

The biggest improvement from the S2 is the increase in resolution, with megapixels skyrocketing from 37.5 to 64-megapixel. The Leica ProFormat CMOS sensor measures 30x45mm, which Leica describes as a 56 percent larger sensor area, and also features a 3:2 full-frame aspect ratio.

Leica says the S3 has a dynamic range of 15 stops, and a maximum ISO sensitivity setting of 50,000, and can fire off three frames per second.

The S3 has 4K video capture capabilities. The LCD viewfinder has a refresh rate of up to 60 fps, available in both stills and video recording mode.

Read the press release and data sheet.

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