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iPhoto delivers 5-year horizon for Epson D3000

Australia’s leading photo printing equipment and consumables distributor, iPhoto, has introduced the iPhoto Preventative Maintenance and E-service plan, designed to extend the working life of Epson D3000 Surelab ‘dry minilabs’.

D3000While Epson Australia covers the inkjet technology-based photo printers for their first three years with a solid Manufacturer’s Parts & Labour Warranty, there is still plenty of productive life left in the D3000s at the end of the first three years, and the iPhoto PM & E-service program pushes maintenance cover out for another two years, so  owners can be assured of at least a five-year operational horizon from their investment.

‘Quite a number of pro labs across the country have already signed up to the plan,’ noted iPhoto managing director, Stuart Holmes.

‘It’s not actually an Extended Warranty, but rather a “Service Plan & Emergency Breakdown Agreement”. It’s an initiative we’ve designed to iron out and contain any potential major operating costs associated with the D3000 Surelab. (The Surelab D3000 is the larger of Epson’s two photo printers, capable of 650 6×4 prints/hour and a maximum print size of 12×48 inches. It’s increasingly being used as an alternative to silver halide printers where print throughput is critical, such as pro labs, schools photography labs, and in larger photo specialist outlets.)

‘We expect that with regular preventative maintenance, as provided by the new plan the D3000s will continue to give good service for years to come,’ said Stuart.

The PM & E agreement consists of:
D3000 maintenance– Initial iPhoto technical onsite Surelab D3000 equipment health check: Full technical inspection, calibration, profiling; full system flush; run Epson maintenance kits, etc, carried out by trained iPhoto technician;
– Setup iPhoto customer online remote diagnostics;
– One preventative maintenance service call each year to pre-empt any potential breakdowns;
– Two emergency calls each year if the printer does need attention;
– Cost of all replacement parts are covered;
– Ongoing access to the iPhoto online remote diagnostics service;
– Maximum maintenance and repair costs limited to $5K per annum for the two years of the agreement.

‘Remote diagnostics provides the initial “triage” to any breakdowns or other issues. It’s the quickest and most efficient way to troubleshooting a service problem,’ explained Stuart. ‘In the majority of cases the problem can be resolved remotely without having the machine down waiting for a service technician to walk through the door.’

At the end of the 5-year period, D3000 owners will have the option of trading the printer in for a new machine from iPhoto.

For more information on the iPhoto PM & E Agreement for your Epson Surelab D3000:



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