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Instax goes square-shaped again

Fujifilm in the US has announced the mid-October launch of its Instax Square SQ1 instant camera, which creates square format instant prints ‘1.5 times the size’ of Instax Mini prints.

This is Fujifilm’s second square-format Instax, following the release of the SQ6 in 2018. The SQ1 features automatic exposure, optimising the shutter speed and flash output according to lighting conditions.

Along with its built-in selfie mirror, One-Touch Selfie mode is designed for selfies and close-up shots (30cm – 50cm), setting the best focus and exposure for the shot by simply rotating the lens from ‘On’ to ‘Selfie’ mode.

Also accompanying the launch are two new Instax Sqare instant film varieties:  Instax Square  Rainbow instant film and Instax Square Monochrome instant film.

Film is 86mm x 72mm, with the photo covering 62mm x 62mm.

The Instax Square SQ1 will be available in Orange, Blue, and White in mid-October 2020 (late September in Canada), at a recommended price of US$119.95.  That will bring it in at close to $200 here – a bit exy for something which looks like a Fischer-Price toy, but apparently the Instax range accounts for around one-third of Fujifilm’s sales.




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