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Insta360 now integrates with Matterport

Insta360 has announced the integration of its Insta360 One R  5.7K camera with Matterport, the leading virtual tour software platform. With the Matterport Capture beta release, Insta360 One R users can now create Matterport virtual tours.
Insta360 MatterportThis integration will provide a lower-cost option for providing a ‘virtual tour’ service to real estate agents, etc.

Matterport, a virtual tour software specialist, has a cloud-based 3D conversion engine that automatically creates a digital twin of a property in a few hours. Matterport also has a custom-built virtual tours camera, the Pro2, which costs over $5000, but the Insta360 One R camera option is well under $1000. Whichever way you go, the monthly subscription to the Matterport software and cloud storage infrastructure is a minimum of around $100 per month.

‘Insta360 ONE R is great for shooting Matterport virtual tours because of its speed, which sets it apart from other virtual tour camera options. It has the ability to capture a scan position in 3 seconds, enabling users to capture 1000 square feet in just a few minutes,’ said Indy Sen, vice president of Product Marketing at Matterport.

Virtual tours are in higher demand than ever, thanks to a big chunk of the world locking itself down. Matterport says it has seen more than a 100 percent  increase in 3D models created on its platform since March, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines.

‘We’re looking forward to helping real estate professionals overcome challenges and realize new opportunities to use property technology to support their clients,’ said Sen.

The integration is now in beta through Matterport’s public Test Flight beta program, with the full integration available in October on iOS. Insta360 and Matterport have also partnered together to offer 10 percent off the Insta360 ONE R Virtual Tour Kit: 1x Insta360 ONE R 360 Edition, 1x Invisible Selfie Stick, 1x All-Purpose Tripod, and 1x 32GB MicroSD Card;and a free two-month trial of Matterport. All for $728 – apparently including GST!









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