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Hasselblad launches small body 907X 50C

Some 12-months after the initial announcement, Hasselblad has launched the 907X 50C mirrorless camera, comprising a modernised CFV II 50C digital back and new, compact 907X camera body with a combined weight of 740g.

The Hasselblad 907X-50C with optional optical viewfinder and control grip.

The new camera features a 50-megapixel CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9 mm), while the CFV II 50C digital back enables use with most V System cameras made from 1957 onwards, in addition to third party technical or view cameras.

The upgraded digital back features a 3.2-inch, 2.4M dot tilting rear display with full touch support for settings, image review, and menu navigation. The new fully integrated battery design, the same used on the X System, reduces overall size and provides the option to recharge in-camera via the USB-C port.

The 907X is Hasselblad’s smallest medium format camera body. IT is compatible with all X System lenses in addition to other Hasselblad optics  via adapters, including the H System, V System, and XPan Lenses.

Available accessories include the 907X Control Grip and 907X Optical Viewfinder.

Hasselblad 907X 50C key features:
• Medium format 50MP 43.8 x 32.9 mm CMOS sensor;
• 14 stops of dynamic range;
• Captures 16-bit RAW images and full-resolution JPEGs;
• 3.2-inch, 2.4M dot touch and tilt screen with swipe and pinch touch controls;
• Smooth live view with a frame rate of 60fps;
• Video: 2.7k (2720 x 1530) and Full HD (1920 x 1080) / Video covers full sensor width in a 16:9 ratio;
• Internal battery slot with the option to recharge in-camera via the USB-C port (same battery used on the X System);
• Dual UHS-II SD card slots;
• Audio in/out connectors;
• Flash in/out connectors;
• Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and USB-C connection, enabling tethered shooting;
• 907X ultra-thin and lightweight body converts CFV II 50C digital back into digital SWC
• Total weight of just 740 g (CFV II 50C: 540g / 907X Camera Body: 200g)

The 907X 50C has a US recommended price of $6399. Shipping is set to start from the end of August.



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  1. K7 K7 August 15, 2020

    Im dreaming for having such a camera

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