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Getty Images 2020 in review

To pay homage to the rather unique and memorable 12 months that made up 2020, Getty Images has compiled 10 images to represent the ups and downs.

The curated selection of images covers a few of the big events such as, yep you guessed it, Covid-19’s impact on the country. Also featuring in the series is the Australian Black Lives Matter protests, the bushfires, and the sporting events that almost didn’t happen.

Here’s how Cassie Trotter, Getty Images Asia Pacific director of editorial photography, puts it:

‘Looking back at the most impactful images of 2020, it is no surprise that several of these images are quite confronting. This year kicked off with one of the worst bushfire seasons we have ever seen, followed by the outbreak of a deadly pandemic that caused whole cities to shut down.

Though 2020 often felt that it would never end, our collection of images from this Year In Review shines a light on the moments that made us hopeful. This year saw multiple cities around Australia come together in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. Sporting codes pivoted as restrictions eased, allowing seasons to start up again and fans to re-enter in-stadium games. The reopening of beaches and the border between Australia and New Zealand marked another major milestone in the nation’s recovery.

These are the images that will fill textbooks decades from now. Our team at Getty Images were of the few that were capturing stories from meetings at Parliament House, hospital rooms, sporting matches and so on, to tell the stories that marked this year and keep the rest of the nation informed.’

Without further ado, here’s Getty’s curated Year In Review:

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