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Female photographers get Loud and Luminous

Loud and Luminous, an annual celebration of Australian female photographers, has unveiled the 100 photographers who will contribute work to the 2020 exhibition at Contact Sheet Gallery in Sydney in April.

The Clams by Ilana Rose appeared in the 2019 Loud and Luminous exhibition.

The exhibition, showing April 11 to May 4, includes an opening party on April 3 alongside a program of artist talks and associated events.

Loud and Luminous co-founder, Melissa Anderson, said a main aim of the event is to bring female artists together for ‘an inclusive discussion that celebrates diversity and promotes cultural change and equality across all areas’.

‘The stories told in the 2020 exhibition address important social issues, it is both a celebration of
equality, and also a brave statement of what still needs to change,’ she said.

Melissa co-founded Loud and Luminous alongside fellow professional photographer, Hilary Wardaugh. They have both worked in the photo industry for over 25 years and have seen little progress for female artists.

‘Loud and Luminous is designed to empower girls and women to pursue creative careers and it is strongly focused on gender equality in the arts,’ Hilary said. ‘We firmly believe women need to work together to change the future and to ensure all of our stories are being told.

Hilary says the 2019 event welcomed over 2500 visitors on the opening night, and this year is shaping up to be even bigger.

Along with the 2020 exhibition, the third Loud and Luminous also consists of a conference held in Canberra on Friday, March 6 to coincide with International Women’s Day.

The conference includes a multimedia showing of the exhibition, and a speaker schedule including industry leaders such as Megan Lewis, Paul McDonald, Cherie McNair, Jenny Templin, Dr Ella Dreyfus, Dr Denise Ferris, Helen Ennis, and Sally McInerney.

Tickets range from $100 (front row) to $60 (rear seating), with all profits going to an associated artist development program with Contact Sheet Galley. Last year’s artist program recipients were Helga Salwe, Suellen Cook, Tricia King, Tamara Whyte, and Elise Searson.

The 2020 Loud and Luminous Conference will run at ANU University House.

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  1. Walk The Plank Walk The Plank January 22, 2020

    Don’t get me wrong I’m all in for inclusivity and equal opportunities for everyone and in every field but I don’t really understand this, anyone care to elaborate? Photography is a female-dominant field with the exception of 2-3 niches such as newspapers and war photography where males are taking over. Everything else including high-end education in photography is mostly females in recent years. Has anyone had any experience or maybe even participated in Loud and Luminous and can share their experience? Thanks!

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