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Australian photographer wins 2020 Drone Awards

Australian aerial landscape photographer, Jim Picôt, has won the 2020 Drone Photo Awards, organised by the Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA).

Love Heart of Nature by Jim Picôt, overall winner of the 2020 Drone Photo Awards.

Picôt’s photo, Love Heart of Nature, shows a school of salmon forming the shape of a heart with a shark swimming inside it. The NSW central coast-based photographer’s winning image will be shown in an exhibition of 45 images, Above Us Only Sky, in Siena, Italy.
Picôt has won €500 worth of ‘photography equipment’, as well as a Pangea Prize Crystal statuette.

If you’re not entirely sure a Pangea Prize Crystal statuette is, don’t worry – you’re in good company. According to SIPA, it’s a trophy designed by Carlo Pizzichini, who describes it as ‘a perfect pure crystal sphere’. ‘By magic this light drop becomes the symbol par excellence as the light nourishes photography. A metaphor of perfection, reflection, refraction, for optical lenses and imagination, the future and the world. Well, there you go.

The Drone Photo Awards consist of nine categories: Abstract, Empty Cities: Life during Covid-19, Nature, People, Sports, Series, Urban Architecture, Wedding and Animals.

New Zealand photographer, Paul Hoelen, won the Abstract category with Phoenix Rising, an image captured in central California ‘dedicated to the evocative regeneration process in the industrial mining site of Lake Owens’.

Phoenix Rising by Paul Hoelen, winner of the Abstract category.

This year the awards attracted entries from photographers in 126 categories. Here is a selection of winning photos, or click here to see them all.

Tropical Bride by Mohamed Azmeel, winner of the Wedding category.
Where Herons Live
by Dmitrii Viliunov, winner of the Wildlife category.
Black Flag by Tomer Appelbaum, winner of Empty Cities: Life Under Covid-19.

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