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AIPP Reframe Video Awards winners

The winners of the AIPP’s inaugural Reframe Online Video Awards have been announced, with Queensland videographers, Nicholas Andrew and Ben Knibb of Shot Imagery, taking home the overall prize.

A still taken from End Child Sacrifice by Nicholas Andrew & Ben Knibb.

The winning video, End Child Sacrifice, is set in Uganda and sheds light on a unique human rights issue – child sacrificing. The six-minute video was shot in collaboration with a Christian not-for-profit organisation, Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM), which aims to prevent child sacrificial rituals and related trafficking in rural Uganda.

According to KCM, in the Ugandan village of Kyampisi there are violent men masquerading as witch doctors, who torture and murder children to use their body parts in rituals.

‘They play on peoples’ fears, naivety and suspicions, promising them blessings of prosperity or cures from illness. The practice is obviously unlawful, but due to extreme poverty, ignorance and fear, it is persisting. Children are snatched off the street, usually in poor villages.’

KCM has assisted in prosecuting 83 witch doctors and rescuing 813 children.

End Child Sacrifice is narrated by Andrew, and also features interviews with victims and their parents.

‘It was an incredibly confronting and heartbreaking story that needs to be told. The filmmaker brings us something horrific to comprehend,’ said judge Kylie Dredge. ‘It’s technically beautiful but manages to address all of the important briefings of bringing awareness to this shocking subject.’

Judges described the video as having ‘incredible composition’ with ‘beautiful connection to character’, and ‘even after the first few minutes of the close-ups of the children, [the film] gave me goosebumps,’ commented judge Ross Hooper.

The AIPP’s Reframe Online Video Awards consisted of 10 categories relating to either Wedding or Commercial videography. The AIPP also ran the Silver Lining Awards, with both contests designed to fill a hole left by the cancellation of the AIPP State Awards and APPA. Check out the full list of Reframe Video Awards winners here.

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