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Adobe launches Lightroom and Photoshop updates

Adobe has rolled out major updates for its Creative Cloud apps, with a new user friendly interface for Camera Raw, improved Select Subject in Photoshop, and hue control for Local Adjustments in Lightroom Classic.

Here’s the run through of the full updates for Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera Raw.


Adobe is calling these updates the biggest of updates since November 2019, which isn’t really that long ago. Here’s what’s new:

The algorithm at work.

Select Subject with Portrait Power: Select subject is improved with a set of algorithms for one-click selections of portraits, which Adobe says is the most-selected subject in Photoshop. ‘Better results with the same single-click, with a deep emphasis on hair’.
Rotatable Patterns: Patterns applied in Photoshop can be rotated as a property of that pattern, similar to adjusting the scale of a pattern. The rotation angle of can be changed for pattern fills, pattern overlays, and pattern strokes. It’s non-destructive.
Match Font update: This ;Sensei AI machine learning’ feature enables users to identify fonts that appear in images. The AI algorithm detects and recognises the font in a photograph – whether its a picture of text on a wall, in a sign, or on the side of a car. Adobe says the algorithm ‘somehow determines that the pixels in the image are text, figures out what font it is, and then searches through your fonts to find a match for that text’.
Adobe Fonts auto-activation: Self explanatory – fonts are automatically activated when Photoshop is launched.



We’ll only focus on Lightroom Classic updates, however some overlap with the other Lightroom. Here’s what’s new:
Local Hue: A new hue editing control can be used for both corrective and creative purposes, with photographers able to subtly nudge hue to clean up uneven skin tones, or full hue range to swap colours.
ISO Adaptive Presets: Allows a single preset to apply different edit settings to different photos, depending on their ISO. For example, a single preset may be applied to different levels of noise reduction to high ISO images and low ISO images.
Centred Crop Overlay: Another pretty self explanatory feature – a square crop overlay that focuses on the center of the frame.
Performance improvements: Faster optimisation in Library grid scrolling, Collection search and filtering, and scrubbing Develop sliders. There’s faster scrolling and less stuttering, particularly while navigating up and down larger catalogs and sifting through longer lists of collections.

Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw is looking more like Lightroom, with many tools moving to the right side of the screen. This modern new interface is designed to be easy to navigate.

Here’s the new look Adobe Photo Raw.

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  1. Gottfried Gottfried June 20, 2020

    The “new Camera Raw” is a mistake! It nothing else but a silly duplication of Lightroom, it is slow and useless. User which use Camera Raw do not like Lightroom at all. The previouse version of Adobee Bridge, Camera Raw ans Photoshop is perfect, the “new version” is a desaster. Users: do not touch the update button!

    • Alberto Tomba Alberto Tomba June 21, 2020

      “The “new Camera Raw” is a mistake!”
      That means nothing…
      Lightroom is an interface of Camera Raw.
      Camera Raw is a common engine to Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw module (and Bridge?)

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