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Women’s Day event celebrates diversity

The second Loud and Luminous Conference will run in Canberra on March 8, International Women’s Day, with a full-day program tackling topics of equality, women and the arts.
The Conference will run at Australian National University’s School of Art and Design campus, and features a cross-section of respected photo industry folk including photographers and artists, curators, educators, editors, mentors, and festival organisers.

Speaking at the event is SMH photo editor Mags King, NGA curator Anne O’Heir, gallerist Michael Reid, ANU photography lecturer professor Denise Ferris, Guardian picture editor Carly Earl, Getty Asia Pacific editorial director Cassie Trotter, Head On Photo Festival director Moshe Rosenzveig, photographic artist Dr Judith Crispin, contemporary photographer Juno Gemes, fine art photographer and BIFB founder Jeff Moorfoot, and curator and photographer Sandy Edwards.

The program has been divided into a panel discussion, and standard speaker sessions. All funds from ticket sales will help pay costs for five photographers to work with community arts group, PhotoAccess, throughout 2019/20 to produce new images for a group exhibition.

Loud and Luminous was launched last year by Melissa Anderson and Hilary Wardhaugh, two photographers who have witnessed the dramatic changes sweeping through photography. The purpose of the event is to have an inclusive discussion about equality, inspire the next generation of women photographers, and reflect the growing presence of women in the photo industry.

‘Mel and I have both been working in the photographic industry for over two decades. We both served on the National Board at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) from 2000 – 2003,’ Hilary told Inside Imaging‘s predecessor, ProCounter, after last year’s event. ‘It was a different industry back then – basically a men’s club. Membership was primarily men, around 70 percent, which would accurately reflect the ratio of gender within professional photography. But that’s almost been swapped around now.’

The 2018 Loud and Luminous photo book, printed by Momento Pro, will also be presented to the National Library of Australia on the day.

The event is sponsored by Fujifilm Australia, Momento Pro, Kayell, Damian Canigilia Photogrpahy, and Print2Metal.

But wait, there’s more!
Loud and Luminous will launch an exhibition in Sydney from late April. The exhibition has been curated to show artwork by a diverse range of women photographers, aged between 10 and 90 years old and from different backgrounds. The photographers were asked to submit an image based on the theme of ‘women and power’.

While there’s no firm launch date for the exhibition, it will show as part of the 2019 Head On Photo Festival Featured Exhibition program.

Tickets to the conference start at $10 for students, and go up to $100 for front row seating.

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