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Sigma goes to the movies with Art range

Sigma has entered the Cine lens market with the FF Classic Prime Cine lens range: 14mm T2; 20mm T1.5; 24mm T1.5; 28mm T1.5; 35mm T1.5; 40mm T1.5; 50mm T1.5; 85mm T1.5; 105mm T1.5; and 135mm T.15.

In addition, it has announced an L-mount (Panasonic, Leica, Sigma) adapter which enables the use of PL-mount cine lenses on L-mount cameras. The new lenses will be rolled out from the end of this year.

It looks like Sigma has its sights on disrupting the cine lens market just as it has done with the premium Art range in stills photography. The new ‘Art Prime’ PL lenses have the resolution for filming 8K footage and are designed with electronic contacts that support Cooke’s /i Technology communication protocol for Art Prime PL mount lenses.

Sigma says that that using an /i Technology-compatible cine lens with a cine camera that supports the same protocol will enable users to see and record lens metadata such as focus distance, focal length, and aperture. This fits in with the latest trends in filmmaking, such as VFX, that call for detailed shooting data.

Prototypes of the FF High Speed Prime lens were used for shooting Top Gun: Maverick, scheduled to be released in 2020.

Sigma is also considering offering a service to upgrade Sigma PL-mount lenses for /i Technology-compatibility. under consideration.

Shared features:
– PL mount (Cooke /i Technology compatible);
– Image circle diameter: FF 43.3mm;
– Illumination circle diameter: over 46.3mm;
– Focus ring: Marked in feet/metres
– 9 circular aperture blades;
– Illuminated option for focus ring / iris ring markings.


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