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Ricoh launches GR III

Ricoh has announced March availability of the GR III, a high-end 24.2-megapixel compact camera that’s designed for street photographers (and the shirt pockets of professional photographers everywhere) and carries a price tag of US$900.

The camera features an APS-C CMOS sensor, backed by a new GR ENGINE 6 imaging engine, with a new anti-aliasing filter to improve sharpness. A digital AA Filter Simulator additionally reduces moiré.

The camera has a startup time of 0.8 seconds and is capable of multi-tone 14-bit RAW photos and ISO 102,400.

The sensor also provides stabilisation in the form of 3-axis sensor-shift shake reduction that provides four stops of compensation.

It has an all-new 18.3mm f2.8 lens, equivalent to a 28mm lens in 35mm. It has six elements in four groups, down from seven elements in five groups in the GR II.

The lens incorporates a neutral density (ND) filter for greater exposure control, and also features a nine-bladed aperture for that creamy bokeh effect when shooting wide open.

Macro photography is improved as the focus distance is now close as 6cm, down from 9.91cm in the GR II.

‘It produces the clearest, sharpest images in GR-series history while reducing distortion and chromatic aberration,’ Ricoh says.

For autofocusing, the GR III packs a hybrid AF system that combines contrast-type AF with phase-detection, using both methods for faster and more accurate focusing.

The GR III is smaller than its predecessor, measuring 10.9×6.2×3.3cm compared to 11.7×6.3×3.6cm.

The touchscreen has a 3-inch, 1.037-million-pixel LCD.

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