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Profoto A1X has ‘more of everything’

Profoto has announced the A1X round-head flash, which has an improved battery life, faster recycling time – and a higher price tag at $1595.The A1X is the successor to the A1, a product launched in 2017 which Profoto recently accused Chinese manufacturer, Godox, of ripping off with its considerably cheaper V1.

With Profoto’s recent accusation in mind, the introductory paragraph for the A1X almost sounds like an indirect swipe at Godox.

‘We are never fully satisfied with the products we make. We always strive to take steps forward, whether they be baby-steps or strides. That is why we not only will create ground-breaking products. But we’ll also continually evaluate and improve those products.’

The A1X has a recharge-able Li-Ion battery capable of 450 full power flashes per charge, 100 more flashes than the A1.

It also has a one-second recycling time, a .2 second improvement on the predecessor.

Flash duration spans from 1/800th to 1/20,000th at ranges of up to 300m.

The A1X features a magnetic click-on mount for light shaping tools, with six available from Profoto which can be used individually or in combination.

A 20-channel wireless Air Remote with HSS and AirTTL is anything significant upgrade, up from eight in the A1. In TTL mode, a photographer or assistant can point-and-shoot the flash while the sensor works out the correct exposure, however manual mode provides the ability to make adjustments.

A new high resolution display with large text mimics the B10 light display.

It weighs 560 grams.

Lastly, the A1X is also available for Sony full-frame mirrorless systems, as well as Nikon and Canon.

The flash is already available from Specular, Australia’s Profoto distributor.

Profoto A1X AirTTL: $1,595.00 inc-GST
Profoto A1X AirTTL Off Camera Flash Kit: $1,744.60 inc-GST

Click here for the press release.

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