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Phase One rolls out ‘field camera’

Phase One has announced an all-new camera, the Phase One XT Camera System, described as ‘the ‘world’s first fully digital field camera’.
Phase One XT aerial‘I like the term field camera instead of technical camera, as it really indicates how simple to use and elegant this system is. I can pull it out of a bag and be shooting really quickly. In fact, it is even possible to hand-hold for reportage and documentary style photography!’ said Rory Shinners, director for Phase One’s ‘premium sales partner’ in Australia, Specular.

The camera body is hand-built by Cambo for Phase One in the Netherlands. The XT Camera melds Cambo’s precision mechanical movements with Phase One’s modern electronics to support direct communication between the IQ4 digital back, the camera, and the revolutionary new XT lens shutter.

Specular says the XT  is designed for photographers who want the most advanced and highest resolution sensor technology (up to 151 megapixels), fine optics, and the experience of a hand-built camera. As each camera is built specifically for the owner, there is the opportunity to customise the finishes to suit their preference.

Substantial rear standard movements in both vertical and horizontal planes allow for creative composition, in-camera perspective correction, and stitching for panoramas.

Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and triggering are all controlled from the digital back, removing the burden of cocking and setting a mechanical shutter and carrying appropriate sync cables. The camera body features a dual-purpose shutter button: half-press to initiate live view, and full press to take a shot.

The electromagnetic shutter is borne from Phase One Industrial aerial cameras and offers speeds down to 1/1000s. This shutter is paired with Rodenstock high resolution digital large format lenses which offer large image circles for added creative freedom.
Phase One XT groupFeatures:
– Fully integrated digital system without requiring for external power or cables;
– Video-like live view with exposure preview, focus peaking and framing tools;
– Super wide angle (15mm in 35mm equiv.) field of view lens option;
– Automatic lens correction;
– Built in bracketing and time-lapse tools;
– Automatic frame-average for long exposures;
– Flash sync up to 1/1000s;
– Travel friendly design (weighs less than a Fujifilm GFX100);
– Integrated movements (±12mm in X & Y axis);
– Rotatable Arca-Swiss type tripod mount to securely change between portrait and landscape orientation;
– Handcrafted ebony grip and precision construction;
– Up to 151 megapixel IQ4 digital back with modular flexibility.

Compatible lenses – with more to be released –  include:
– Phase One XT – Rodenstock 23mm f5.6 HR Digaron-S Lenspanel (15mm equivalent in 35mm DSLR format);
– Phase One XT – Rodenstock 32mm f4.0 HR Digaron-W Lenspanel (21mm equivalent in 35mm DSLR format);
– Phase One XT – Rodenstock 70mm f5.6 HR Digaron-W Lenspanel (46mm equivalent in 35mm DSLR format).

Digital backs:
– Phase One IQ4 150MP (151 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor);
– Phase One IQ4 150MP Achromatic (151 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor without a bayer filter);
– Phase One IQ4 100MP Trichromatic (101 megapixel CMOS sensor).

Packages start at $77,500 (ex-GST).

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