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On1 announces Photo Raw 2020 + more

Oregon-based software company, On1, has announced the latest major update to its Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop alternative, Photo Raw, along with a new video editing app and mobile post-processing app.on1

Photo Raw 2020 will be available in October for US$100 for new customers, or US$80 as an upgrade for existing users. On1 proudly points out that, unlike Adobe forcing a subscription-based rental model onto photographers, its customers ‘own’ the software forever. The one-off payment grants a perpetual licence on five computers.

‘Today, most mainstream software solutions take away control of your photography by locking away the organisation and editing of your photos into closed systems,’ On1 says in its press release. ‘These solutions sort of hold your photos hostage by only allowing access to the tools and features you need as long as you pay up and stay within their system. Alternatively, we believe you should have control of what’s yours and what matters to you with your photography.’


Given Photo Raw 2019 came out just less than 12 months ago, the team at On1 are quickly pushing out new iterations of the software.

The press release provides a list of new features, but doesn’t go in-depth with the details.

Here’s what’s new in Photo Raw 2020: AI-powered features AI Match and AI Auto, four filters in Effects (Weather, Sun Flare, Color Balance, Channel Mixer), Custom Camera Profiles with X-Rite, SmugMug integration, improved noise reduction, a map view, a Print Module, and speed/performance enhancements.

On1 adds that it’s developing software using AI technology and tools.

‘AI provides exciting opportunities for the development of new tools for photography and give better editing results. At ON1, we feel AI should never be used to create artificial or unrealistic results just for the sake of AI. We are inventing new ways to use AI to remove pain points in your workflow and save you valuable time in editing but never at the cost of great imagery. We will do it in a way, so you are still in control of your organization, creativity, and style. Currently, we are working on AI technologies for faster photo organization, sky replacement, object recognition, color enhancements, and skin retouching.’

On1 Photo Mobile 2020
An app for iOS and Android, Photo Mobile 2020 allows smart phone users to capture RAW photos with their pocket-sized device using ‘pro-level controls’ from an interchangeable lens camera.

The app also includes photo editing tools to tweak things like colour and tones, shadows, cloning, and adding vignettes.

No pricing or availability has been announced.

On1 Video 2020
On1’s debut video editing software is explicitly designed to be used by photographers, addressing the increasing number of stills shooters moving into video.

The software will not include complex videography terminology, but just a ‘simple, yet robust video editor that removes the learning curve of other video editors’.

Features include tools for trimming, enhancing video, adding audio tracks, grading and sharing video clips, adjustment sliders, and techniques typically found in a photo editing workflow, tools for creating time-lapse videos, slideshows, and high-quality still-frame captures.

On1 Video 2020 will arrive in early 2020, with a public beta scheduled for release in mid-November. No pricing as yet.

Lastly, the company has also announced On1 Sync. It’s unclear how it works, but On1 says it will be an optional add-on making it possible to sync an image library across several devices.

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