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Nifty new L-Bracket from 3 Legged Things

Local distributor Blonde Robot has announced March availability of ‘Ellie’ a new universal L-Bracket for mirrorless and DSLR cameras from 3 Legged Things.

The mounting bracket has nine configuration options, with plenty of scope for individual set ups. The length of the bracket base can be adjusted via steel sliding bars, with the makers claiming the bracket’s two-axis adjustment ‘fits more cameras than any other universal L-Bracket.’

The detachable release plate can be used in isolation, or with the vertical unit. Dual Arca-Swiss profile sides and two symmetrical 1/4-inch threaded ends enable the vertical axis to be configured in eight positions, enabling more cable access than ever before.

Ellie’s uniquely configurable side aspect enables users to transform almost any standard ball-head into a long-lens rocker.

Australian RRP is $123.

Here’s a short video illustrating Ellie’s versatility.




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