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New Instax smartphone printer

Fujifilm has announced a new smartphone printer, the Instax Mini Link.

The Mini Link transfers a print in about 12 seconds, supports continuous printing, and is capable of printing about 100 Instax prints per charge.

It has a Video Print function for printing a selected frame from smartphone video, and a Party Print function creating a collage from photos sent from multiple users. This connects up to five smartphones to the app, combining a selected picture from each device into one collage print.

There’s even a ‘Surprise Mode’ in which the collage is not revealed until the images appear on the print. Excitement!

The Mini Link app contains a variety of design frames that can be overlaid onto images and users can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. There are artistic filters a la Instagram and the ability to combine up to eight pictures into a single collage print via the app.

When taking pictures from the Mini Link app on a connected smartphone, the printer can be used to remotely control the smartphone camera. For example, a user can zoom in by facing the printer down, zoom out by facing up, and release the shutter by pressing the power button. Users can also print multiple copies of a picture by holding the printer upside down and pressing the power button.

Alternately, users can stand on their heads while holding the printer the right way up.

Swiping up on the smartphone screen transfers a picture for printing.

The Instrax Mini Link can also receive picture data from Fujifilm’s X Series and GFX System digital cameras.

The Instax Mini Link is now available at a local RRP of $169.



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  1. Jessica Sargeant Jessica Sargeant October 9, 2019

    Printer is now available all over the technology world. Your blog has provided about the Instax smartphone printer that was new information for me because I only used the Canon printer. But when I read your blog and saw the features of the Instax smartphone printer at that time I realized how rapidly developing technology in our world.

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