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New Instax records audio snippets

Instant cameras, and the Fujifilm Instax range in particular, have proven to be big sellers over the past few years and now, according to overseas reports, there’s a new ‘audiovisual’ Instax, the ‘mini LiPlay‘,  in the wings.

The LiPlay (aka ‘instax mini HM1’) was leaked by Japanese camera website Nokishita (which seems to be the go-to outlet when camera companies want to accidentally-on-purpose pre-announce a new product).
The LiPlay has a rear LCD screen to frame and take photos just like a conventional digital camera. Images can be saved to internal camera memory or a micro SD card.

Photographs can be selected from memory and printed on the LiPlay using Instax mini instant film.

In addition to taking instant pics, the LiPlay can record audio. The audio clip can then be converted to a QR code, which can be printed on the associated photo and played back via the LiPlay smartphone app.

These audiovisual files can be shared with friends who also have the LiPlay app, which also provides remote control shooting, and can transfer images from a smartphone to the LiPlay for direct printing.

The camera also offers a range of frames and filters to drop images into and you can use your own frame templates as well. There are 10 frames and six filters available.

It’s also the smallest Instax camera to date and has a certain level of weather sealing. Not much other information available so far.

While instant cameras may not be at the pinnacle of camera technology they are big sellers in a generally shrinking market and a model with added audio should create a stir given the price isn’t prohibitive.

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