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New-gen Datacolor Spyder software

Datacolor has launched an upgraded colour calibration tool for monitors, the SpyderX, with a redesigned colour engine ‘that provides significantly increased colour accuracy and low light capabilities’.

Features include:
Speed: Takes less than two minutes to calibrate a screen, several times faster than previous models;
Accuracy: Higher level of colour accuracy and shadow detail on a wide range of monitors;
Ease of Use: Single-click calibration software, as well as advanced options;

There are two versions: The SpyderX Pro ($295) is designed for serious photographers and designers seeking a fast and easy-to-use monitor calibration solution. The SpyderX Elite ($465) offers more advanced settings for professional photographers and videographers who want ultimate control of their colour workflow. 

Datacolor colour calibration products are distributed in Australia by Kayell. Click here for more details.



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