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New AIPP State Councils take control

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) has announced the 2019/20 State Councillors, who will serve from now until June 31, 2020.

AIPPA primary demand by AIPP members during the restructure from last year was to decentalise control, by returning power from the National Board and now-defunct National Office, to the State Councils.

An AIPP Constitutional Committee was set up last year to develop numerous reforms, with the aim of designing a system that increased activity from a state level. This led to new Council Bylaws, which replaced Charters and made certain amendments, such as increasing the maximum number of councillors from five to eight.

AIPP constitutional reform was voted in at the AIPP Annual General Meeting in December 2018, so this will be the first time the AIPP State Councils will operate for a full term under the new bylaws.

The AIPP State Councils will meet at minimum once every two months, and are required to organise at least 10 events per year for members, as well as the State Printed-based awards. There is a bunch of other administrative and instructional information mentioned in the 2019 Council By-Law document.

Starting from Queensland and working clockwise, here are the AIPP 2019/20 State and Territory Councils.

Queensland Council
Alison Hockings – President
Tony Holden – Vice President
Leanne Weeks – Treasurer
Mel Sinclair – Secretary
Nicky Dowling – Awards & Events Coordinator
Colleen Harris – Sponsorship Liaison
Jaya McIntyre – Membership Liaison
Vikki Siliato – Education Liaison

New South Wales Council
Matthew Vasilescu – President
Naomi Reiter – Vice President | Secretary
Roger Rosentreter – Treasurer
Aries Tao – Awards & Events Coordinator
Marina Zivkovic – Education Liasion
Peter Sharp – Sponsorship Liaison
Melanie Birt – Membership Liaison
Jodie Andrews – Membership Liaison

ACT Council
Robert Coppa – President | Awards & Events Coordinator
Lib Ferreira – Vice President | Membership Liaison
Nathalie Hicks – Treasurer
Ben Kopilow – Education Liaison
Glenn Martin – Sponsorship Liaison

VIC Council
Emily Black – President | Education Liasion
Melissa Wood – Vice President | Secretary
Alycia Angel – Treasurer
Lacey Barratt – Awards & Events Co-ordinator
Alan Moyle – Sponsorship Liason
Fiona Handbury – Membership Liaison

Tasmania Council
Robert Groom – President | Secretary
Matt Palmer – Vice President | Treasurer
Amy Brown – Education Liaison | Sponsorship Liaison
Bruce Moyle – Membership Liaison | Awards & Events Coordinator

South Australia Council
Deanna Dunbar – President
David Haddy – Vice President | Sponsorship Liasion
Matt Makinson – Treasurer
Diana Fernie – Secretary
Bente Andermahr – Membership Liaison
Karen Pfeiffer – Awards and Events Coordinator
Paul Heck – Education Liaison
Kelly Champion – Awards and Events Coordinator

Western Australia Council
Lisa Ivandich – President
Kelly Barker – Vice President | Events Coordinator
Des Birt – Treasurer
Karen McGlue – Secretary
Scott Dixon – Livestream & Technology
Lily Martin – Membership Liaison
Shaireen Van Tuil – Education Liaison | Awards Coordinator
Rachael Weir – Events Coordinator

Northern Territory Council
William (Liam) Carroll – President
Jaydene Chapman – Vice President | Membership & Sponsorship Liaison
Sharon Jones – Treasurer | Awards & Events Coordinator
Navin Chandra – Secretary | Social Media
Pamela Mills – Education Liaison

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