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Fujifilm announces X-Pro3, XF 50mm f1.0

Fujifilm has announced minor development details of the X-Pro3 APS-C rangefinder-style camera, along with designing an XF 50mm f1.0 instead of an 33mm f1.0, due to weight and size difficulties.

Source: DPReview.

Both announcements were made at the Fujifilm X Summit in Tokyo, with the X-Pro3 official product release details scheduled for October 23, while the 50mm f1.0 still seems a long way off.

Like previous X-Pro models the camera features a ‘hybrid’ viewfinder, offering both an Optical (OVF) and Electronic (EVF) viewfinder.

The OVF has ‘less distortion’ than the X-Pro2 and a larger angle of view; while the redesigned EVF has higher resolution and contrast, a wider colour space, higher frame rate and brighter view.

Fujifilm has gone full minimalist with the LCD, using a small square screen which only features basic settings on the back such as shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, ISO, and so on. For those looking for a gimmick, this cameras has a couple. The small LCD can be set to show the logo of whatever Film Simulation mode is used, harking back to the days when the film package was mounted on cameras.

Fujifilm has also placed the small LCD on a hinged panel that drops down to reveal a full-sized ‘hidden’ LCD screen. Fujifilm says the purpose of hiding the LCD screen is to keep photographers looking through the viewfinder and reduce ‘chimping’ – the act of checking the rear LCD after each shot.

Source: DPReview.

No other details on specs, pricing, or availability.

XF 50mm f1.0
Fujifilm has canned the development of an XF 33mm f1.0, a lens listed on its 2018 X-Mount Lens Roadmap and promised for release in 2020.

The 30mm f1.0 piqued the interest from photo media, with it being most likely the first of its kind as an ultra-fast prime mirrorless lens equipped with autofocus.

Turns out that while designing the lens, Fujifilm found the lens body to be too big and heavy.

Fujifilm’s head of Product Planning, Takashi Ueno, said the last prototype was loaded with 15 elements and weighed 1.3KG, and to operate it needed an additional tripod foot. So Fujifilm scrapped plans for the 33mm and are instead working on a 50mm f1.0, which will weigh under 900 grams.

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