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Drone Awards 2019 winners gallery

Polish photographer, Jacek Deneka, has won the top prize at the 2nd Drone Awards for his photo, A Shoal of Colorful Fish.

Photo: Jacek Deneka.

The photo shows cross-country skiers during the Bieg Piastow Ski Racing Festival in Poland. Deneka says his aerial photo shows skiers looking like colorful fish floating among coral reefs.

Drone photography has emerged as a niche sub-genre of aerial photography, with the contest celebrating abstract images or unseen perspectives of landscapes and activities.

The Drone Awards received more than 4500 submissions from photographers living in 107 different countries. While the contest is called the ‘Drone Awards’, it’s open to anyone capturing photos from an aerial platform including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites and parachute.

The Awards are organised by Art Photo Travel Association, a non-profit association which also hosts the Sienna International Photo Awards.

While Deneka won the Drone Photographer of the Year award for his single photo, there are seven other category winners.

Here’s a gallery of winning images.

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