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Dale Sharpe killed in tragic accident

Leading Australian landscape photographer, Dale Sharpe, has passed away after being in a tragic car accident in Kansas, USA on June 20.Dale Sharpe

The 36-year old Queensland photographer died after an unfortunate sequence of events.

Dale was driving along Kansas Highway 2 in a Nissan SUV when he struck a deer. The car stopped on the road, and then began billowing smoke from the bonnet. The photographer took refuge in a ditch beside the highway.

A passing motorist avoided collision with the stranded vehicle and swerved into the ditch, where it collided with Dale. He was treated by medical staff on the scene and in hospital, but passed away early the next day.

Dale was one half of DK Photography, a business he shared with his wife Karlie Russell. He was a passionate landscape photographer with a love for storm chasing.

Dale Sharpe storm pic
The last photo Dale uploaded in Facebook. ‘I’ve always wanted to capture something as clean & visually stunning as this cell. This is a personal favourite as just moments after I took this image, I gathered my thoughts & simply appreciated & marvelled at the enormity that was before me. While this may have been one of the most dangerous & violent Supercells of the season, I was in awe at its beauty. What made this even more special is being able to see right up the mesocyclone to really appreciate its height & size and for the golden sunset moments before absolute darkness & devastation crossed the plains.’ Photo: Dale Sharpe.

Dale and Karlie’s bio from DK Photography:

‘Dale’s love for photography has also been ingrained with him from a young age. He began photographing 15 years ago when he started out in real estate photography, and moved into portraiture and events over the coming years, making this his full time career 5 years ago.

It was at this time that Karlie moved to Queensland from Western Australia. One afternoon, we met shooting a sunset, and from there, our love for each other and photography blossomed. We both share a strong passion for landscape, seascape and astrophotography so shortly after meeting, we created DK Photography. Since then, we’ve photographed all around Australia, New Zealand, from the Arctic Circle, Canada to the USA and all across Asia.

We both just love photography, as it has taken us both on adventures to explore new and interesting locations across the world. The ability to express ourselves through our work and share these beautiful moments we capture with you, and connect with people through our imagery is what drives our passion.’

Dale, a Nikon ambassador, ran group photography workshops around the world with Karlie in places like Iceland, Norway and New Zealand. He inspired and mentored many photographers, and will be remembered for his intoxicating enthusiasm and wicked sense of humour.

Tributes have begun to pour in for the highly respected and admired photographer. Two GoFundMe pages have been set up to create a Memorial Fund to raise money to bring Dale home and assist his family, Karlie and daughter Mia.

Click here or here.

Dale’s family thanks everyone for the support, but has asked for privacy at this difficult time.

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