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Copyright Agency to claw back royalties

The Copyright Agency is once again running its annual Image Royalty Claim campaign, an opportunity for photographers to receive copyright royalties for work published in Australian publications.

Eligible participants must be members of the Copyright Agency, a non-profit intellectual property royalty distribution organisation, and retain copyright to images published in either a book, ebook, journal, online journal, magazine, newspaper. It’s free to apply to be a member, and make an Image Royalty Claim.

The Copyright Agency manages licence fees that allow educational institutions, government, businesses and others to copy and share text and images. It then pays licensing fees back as royalties to writers, artists and publishers.

Eligible participants will receive at least $50 if the Copyright Agency can verify the supplied information, and the criteria is met. Payments will be made in mid-2020.

The application process involves providing information about images and publications, including the ‘International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for books, and the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for journals, magazines, and newspapers’.

This year, Copyright Agency made payments to more than 600 artists from the 2018 campaign.

The organisation is building a database of copyrighted material to assist with recovering royalties for creators involved. Those who applied last year don’t need to resupply the same information, but are invited to include new information.

It’s application process is fairly simple, and some photographers have been surprised at the royalties they were paid.

Applications close October 18, 2019. Click here to apply.

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