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Selfies: the accidental killer… Elinchrom gives you wings… Fujifilm boosts lens production… Photo Live Expo hits Perth

Selfies: the accidental killer
A global clinical study of selfie-related deaths has found that most injuries came from falling, but the leading cause of death is drowning.

Source: ABC/ Turkish Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

The Turkish-based research analysed 159 selfie victims from 111 accidents that were reported in the media between December 2013 and January 2017.

Drowning has caused 57 selfie-related deaths, followed by falling at 27 and being crushed by a train at 18.

Students are the most likely to die while taking a selfie, with most victims being in their mid-twenties and male.

Selfie-obsessed Indians make up the highest ratio of fatalities with 45 deaths, with Americans taking the next highest number at just 10. Only one Aussie has met an untimely end due to snappin’ a selfie.

Last week a young US tourist tragically drowned after falling from the cliff at Cape Solander in NSW while taking selfies.

Sutherland mayor Carmelo Pesce said NSW National Parks and Wildlife will consider implementing further safety measures and education.

Another dangerous selfie hotspot, the Figure Eight Pools on NSW’s South Coast, has claimed enough injuries for Parks and Wildlife to discourage people from visiting – ‘pick a better spot for a selfie’ and ‘file under the “too hard basket”’.

‘Instead of breaking a limb at Figure Eight Pools, take photos at some other beautiful places. Avoid the crowds that Figure Eight Pools is now infamous for.’

Elinchrom gives you wings
Elinchrom has announced a partnership with Red Bull, resulting in the energy drink’s photographers receiving lighting gear that features both brands logos.

Red Bull, which is more famous for action sports sponsorship and death-defying marketing stunts, has a bunch of adventurous photographers who will act as Elinchrom ambassadors.

While Red Bull photographers enjoy their free gear, Elinchrom will receive marketing content such as behind-the-scenes footage of Red Bull photo shoots and other cross-promotional benefits.

Fujifilm boosts lens production
Fujifilm Global
plans to increase lens production capacity 70 percent by 2020 in response to growing demand for its mirrorless systems.

Additional production facilities at the Fujifilm Optics Taiwa Factory in Japan will be in operation from September.

Fujifilm says it now offers 36 interchangeable lens models since it entered the market in 2012, and during this time sales have boosted 20 percent per annum.

The new facilities will not only allow Fujifilm to boost production, but also improve optical quality, particularly for ultra wide-angle and large-diameter lenses.

Photo Live Expo hits Perth
Camera Electronic’s fourth annual Photo Live Expo ran at the Perth Novotel Langley last Saturday, July 28, and featured a speaker schedule of award-winning photographers, a trade show, workshops and other activities.
Photo Live Expo is Perth’s largest photo show, and was introduced by CE directors Howard and Saul Frank to offer Western Australians an annual get-together.

The expo featured several new initiatives, such as photo walks this year hosted by major gear manufacturers. Olympus, NISI, Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Tamron and Leica all took photographers for a walk.

CE suppliers offered attendees the opportunity to try and buy gear on display at the trade show.

The speaker sessions line up and subject included Alex Cearns on travel photography; Denise Teo on histrionics; Michael Haluwana on drone and video; John Woodhouse on fine art photography; Mark Galery on portraiture; Lisa Saad on illustrative photography; Rob Mullaly on Instagram; David Dare Parker on documentary; Roger Groom on astrophotography; and Tony Hewitt on landscapes.

Stefan Gosatti also ran a food photography workshop; Adam Monk talked all things print workflow; Ian and Erick Regnard covered portrait lighting; and David Boon delved into post-processing with Lightroom and Photoshop.

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