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REVIEW: Fujifilm X-T3

FUJIFILM X-T3: ‘The new flagship for Fujfilm’s X-Series introduces higher resolution, faster autofocusing and professional-standard 4K movie recording…Owners of previous X-Series cameras who appreciate the company’s traditional camera styling, will be tempted to consider upgrading, particularly if they want the sophisticated video functions the new camera provides.’
RRP: $2499

Fujifilm currently dominates the premium end of APS-C mirrorless cameras and its new X-T3 represents a significant advance on previous models, introducing the first BSI (back side illumination) sensor with an X-Trans filter. With an effective resolution of 26.1 megapixels, the X-T3 comes at the same price as the previous model on its release in 2016. A new, fourth-generation X-Processor Pro image processor supports native sensitivities from ISO 160 to ISO 12,800, with extensions of one stop at the low end and two stops above. Burst speeds reach up to 20 fps without frame cropping or 30 fps with the frame cropped when the electronic shutter is selected. The maximum frame rate with the mechanical shutter is 11 fps.

The X-T3 is equally capable at video, providing most of the functionality professional users might require, including two aspect ratios: the native 17:9 ratio associated with Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) and the consumer-level regular 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), which has the same aspect ratio as the native FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) format. Video compression choices include ALL-Intra (ALL-I) and Long GOP, the former supporting bit-rates up to 400Mbps and 30/25p.

The camera is also a pleasure to use and purchasers can choose from 26 dedicated lenses (15 primes and 11 zooms) and 1.4x and 2x teleconverters as well as two specialised cine lenses. Fast, accurate focusing, excellent low-light performance and versatility make the X-T3 ideal for photographers, professional videographers and lifestyle bloggers.

Purchase Points:
FUJIFILM-X-T3-Dial-close-up1. The new 23.5 x 15.6 mm X-Trans CMOS 4 BSI sensor has an effective resolution of 26.1 megapixels and requires no low-pass filter to reduce moiré while achieving maximum resolution.
2. Robust, weather-proof construction, with a magnesium alloy chassis and comprehensive weather sealing enables the camera and associated lenses to be used in all locations.
3. The X-T3 boasts the most sophisticated AF system Fujifilm has produced, with an array of 2,160,000 phase detection pixels covering the image frame. Low-light AF sensitivity has been extended to enable the camera to focus in candlelight.
4. Face- and eye-detection AF are twice as fast as in previous models. Eye-detection AF will work in AF-C mode as well as AF-S, for accurate focus-tracking of moving subjects.
5. Professional video capabilities include a choice between the professional DCI (4096 x 2160 pixel) resolution at frame rates up to 30 fps or the consumer-level 3840 x 2160 pixels with frame rates up to 60 fps (NTSC) or 50 fps (PAL) and with bitrates of 200 Mbps or 100 Mbps.
6. Users can record 4K video internally to an SD card with a 200Mbps bitrate and 10-bit depth plus 4:2:0 colour subsampling or externally with 4:2:2 subsampling when using H.264 compression or 4:2:2 subsampling to both outputs with H.265.
7. Fujifilm has signed an agreement with Phase One to make its superior Capture One raw conversion software available free of charge with Fujifilm’s interchangeable-lens cameras.

Distributor: Fujifilm Australia; 1800 226 355;
– Margaret Brown

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