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Polaroid takes OneStep forward

Local Polaroid distributor Brands Australia has announced availability of the latest Polaroid instant camera, the OneStep+.

While it borrows a lot in looks and specs from the OneStep 2, the ‘+’ bit alludes to the addition of in-camera Bluetooth connectivity and thus an easier path to digital, as well as instant photos. This allows users to connect the camera to the Polaroid Originals smartphone app, which in turn unlocks a menu of creative features:
– Double Exposure;
– Light Painting enables the photographer to write with light using a torch or similar source;
– Remote Trigger (mobile phone) and Self Timer;
– Noise Trigger – take a photo at the clap of a hand, the splash of a pool or the bark of a dog;
– Manual Mode – control over aperture and shutter speed, including long exposures;
– Built-in Scanner tool to scan, adjust and crop photos.

The OneStep+ also has a secondary portrait lens, allowing users to shoot from as close as 1 foot away for (literally) in-your-face close-ups.

And let’s not forget to mention the rainbow stripe on the camera’s faceplate, in homage to the design of the original OneStep from 1977.

The OneStep + has a local RRP of $299.95, with the 8-sheet Polaroid 600 film packs at the rather hefty price of $36.95.

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