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Panasonic enters full-frame game

Panasonic will enter the mirrorless full-frame market with the Lumix S1R and S1 – two cameras as part of the new Lumix S series.
While S model prototypes are on show at Photokina in Cologne, the cameras won’t be available until sometime in 2019.

Panasonic hasn’t revealed too much information, however the S1R has 47-megapixels and the S1 around 24-megapixels.

The cameras will both support 4K 60p/50p video recording – the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera to offer it.

They also feature Dual Image Stablisation, another world’s first.

The cameras have a double XQD card slot; and a triaxial tilt LCD.

Panasonic plans to develop ten S series lenses by 2020, including a 50 mm/F1.4 fixed focal lens, 24-105 mm standard zoom lens, and 70-200 mm telephoto zoom lens.

The S series cameras interestingly feature a Leica L mount.

Panasonic adopting the L mount is part of a greater ‘strategic partnership’ between Panasonic, Sigma and Leica. The three companies have teamed up to create an ‘unparalleled form of collaboration’, with the aim of increasing the importance of L-Mount technology.

‘LUMIX continues to forge the way and set new directions in imaging with the announcement of the S Series. This marks a new era of growth and opportunity for LUMIX – with the S Series providing Panasonic with even greater reach into the world of the professional, while we continue to grow the highly-regarded G Series,’ said Scott Mellish, Panasonic Australia’s imaging product marketing manager.

‘Importantly for the photographer, Panasonic’s alliances with Leica Camera and Sigma see an impressive array of adaptor-free lenses available at launch.’

With Sigma and Leica sure to further flesh out the lens range, it seems the three companies have much to gain business-wise from the union.

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