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Noritsu Green III now shipping in Australia

Australia is among one of the first countries in the world to take orders for the new Noritsu Green III dry duplex printer, which features an increased 12×55-inch maximum panorama size and an efficient (and potentially cost-saving) water-washable absorber unit.

Absorbers collect excess ink and, more critically, paper dust. This tends to build up into a paste which which might otherwise cause print smudging and maintenance complications.

Speaking to PhotoCounter in January at the offices of local distributor, Australian Photographic Supplies, Ron Kubara, Noritsu’s director, Worldwide Stategic Sales and Planning explained that, ‘maintenance of absorbers is perhaps the key factor in maintenance of an inkjet system. We are making it as easy and efficient as possible with the Green III.

‘Washing them with water is more efficient and easier than the traditional method of cleaning them, thus reducing print smudging from occurring. The locking metal plate with sensor in the Green III prevents human error – absorbers will always be returned to their correct position, avoiding the potential of head strike.’

The Green III’s absorbers and locking plate. When an absorber is removed for cleaning the locking plate ensures it locks back into correct position.

If absorbers can’t be removed and cleaned in water (as is the case with most inkjet printers), then they need to be cleaned in place by ‘rolling’ a cotton swab to pick up the ink and paper dust paste. However removing and cleaning in water eliminates the risk of the cotton swab pushing the ink and paper ‘sludge’ into the absorber, reducing its ability to drain away waste ink and dust.

Hi res, small footprint
The Noritsu specs quote the QSS-Green III as ‘built to deliver amazing 1440 dpi quality prints’ as well as being the most compact and fastest all-in-one duplex minilab in the market.

The Green III uses an efficient and economical four-ink system with a broad colour gamut ( Noritsu claims it is equals to 10 or 12-colour pigment ink-based printers) with multiple dot gradation technology. Capacity is up to 950 prints per hour (at 720 dpi), and up to 3800 prints without having to replace a paper roll (as was the case with the Green II).

The QSS Green III can make enlargements in sizes of 245 x 305mm (10×12-inch), 305 x 427mm (12×18-inch), and many other sizes including panorama prints all the way up to 305 x 1400mm (12×55-inch). This enables the retailer to provide personalized photo products such as poster prints, locker prints, and custom print sizes.

Maximum sheet paper print size is 13×25-inches.

Footprint is just 0.69m2 (7.43 sq. feet)

Noritsu claims 1440 dpi resolution creates prints which are less grainy and have smoother graduations than standard prints. Reducing graininess ‘has the effect of producing a better portrayal of contrast, texture and depth.’

Automatic Order Sorting is via either a 4-order print sorter or the 12-order print sorter. LEDs light up to signify interrupted orders

With the exception of paper, the only consumable replacement needed is the ink cartridges. And with Australian electricity prices on a seemingly inexorable rise, the QSS III’s use of somewhere between 1/3 to 1/5 the amount of electricity of a silver halide minilab will become increasingly significant in 2018.

The Noritsu QSS Green III will be available at a slight premium to the Green II. Email:, Ph: 02-8525-2100

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