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New Epson (US) solution for metallic prints

Epson in the US is promoting the combination of its new dye-sub DS Transfer Photo Paper and Surecolor F6200 dye-sub printer as a system for making high quality Chromaluxe prints or, more verbosely: ‘a complete solution designed to produce rigid photos with advanced print quality and vibrant images with minimal grain, consistency and reliability.’

The Epson Surecolor F-Series printers have been promoted primarily for fabric printing, but the new DS Transfer Photo Paper adds another string to their bow.

Epson says the DS Transfer Photo Paper delivers excellent colour gamut and black density, with reduced grain and mottling for smoother flesh tones and cleaner, lighter colors. In addition, it has almost no curl and warping under the heat of a flat press. The paper offers high ink transferability with slight transparency, which helps register the printed paper to the rigid substrate. Epson recommends the ideal combination as being the 44-inch SureColor F6200 and Wasatch SoftRIP version 7.6, for full support for the DS Transfer Photo Paper for colour management, print cost estimation and colour profiles.

Universal Woods, the world’s leading manufacturer of hard surface products for sublimation (Chromaluxe), has been using the new Epson solution – DS Transfer Photo Paper with the Epson SureColor F6200 printer on its ChromaLuxe panels. ‘The new DS Transfer Photo Paper was manufactured with ChromaLuxe in mind, and it addresses some of our main concerns with sublimating – texture and lack of sublimation dye around the outer areas of the aluminum photo panel,’ said Josh Bender, sublimation specialist, ChromaLuxe. ‘This complete Epson dye-sublimation solution achieved a WIR Display Permanence Rating of 65 years, the highest we’ve seen to date with ChromaLuxe prints.’

In addition, Image Wizards, who Epson says are ‘the inventors of metal prints’, has also been using the new Epson transfer solution. ‘The new Epson DS Transfer Photo Paper is the best dye-sublimation paper for rigid applications I have used,’ said Roger K. Laudy, founder and president, Image Wizards. ‘In particular, the ink transfer onto metal prints on aluminum is amazing, with virtually no grain, as well as high ink transfer. This is easily the paper of choice for my customers.’

The new DS Transfer Photo Paper, manufactured in 17-inch, 24-inch and 44-inch 300-foot rolls, is not currently available from Epson Australia.

‘At the moment the new Epson DS Transfer Photo Paper is only available in the US and we have no immediate plans to launch it in the Australian market,’ Epson told PhotoCounter.



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